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No Tricks... Make $100 in the Next 10 Minutes!!

Dear Fellow Netrepreneurs

Let me show you how to make $100 in the next 10 minutes! Then, by using my Referral Building Letter, increase that $100 to $500, $1500 and even more, WITHOUT EVER PAYING A DIME! The best part is you will be making big bucks by giving away someone else's money! Before you say "Yeah Right!" and stop reading, take a real quick look at this example of potential earnings for the first program alone: Based on just 5 direct referrals: Level 1 pays $25 each. 125x$25=$3,125 Level 2 pays $25 each. 625x$25=$15,625 Level 3 pays $25 each. 3125x$25=$78,125

Join ItPaysToLearn.com

This program only pays on 3 levels, but each level pays $25 per referral. These calculations are for referring only 5 people who want a FREE $100 just for joining. You may be asking, if I only refer 5 people, then where does 125 referrals come from? Please keep reading - the answer is coming right up.

You don't have to refer 10 or 20 in order to make this work big time. Just 5 referrals. You probably have 5 friends who have computers, and would like to make $100. And they probably know another 5 people each. There is no "heavy duty" recruiting needed. And how hard can it be to give away someone else's money? I signed up 3 people in less than 1 day by promoting the $100 sign-up bonus!

Do I have your attention now?

All you have to do is follow these steps exactly:

First - listed below are 3 URL's. Sign up for RichMails (FREE TO SIGN-UP) under the URL in the #1 spot. This will only take a few minutes. As soon as you reply to the confirmation email, you'll be credited YOUR $100. (Wow! That was tough!)

Second - Send an email to the address in the #3 spot with "I Signed Up For RichMails Under #1" in the subject line.

Third - Copy this letter, but make the following changes: DELETE the URL in the #1 spot. Move #2 to the #1 spot. Move #3 to the #2 spot. Then put YOUR new RichMails URL and email address in the #3 spot. PLEASE be very careful when making the changes - the information must be copied exactly as written or people will miss out. You can either send out letters with all this information, or you can create your own website, using, for example, Webspawner. The choice is yours.

Lastly - send the modified letter out to as many people as you can until you receive 5 emails saying "I signed up for RichMails under #1". That's right - ONLY 5 EMAILS! Or, as I mentioned earlier, sign up 5 friends with internet access. When your address makes it to the #1 spot, you will have 125 people signed up under you, just in level 1! That's another $3125 in your pocket! Not bad, but only the beginning! A very short time later, each of those 125 will have 125 under them, and so on. You may be thinking "Yeah Right! How are they going to sign up so many?" Keep in mind, everyone only has to sign up 5 people each. And some will definately sign up more. We sign up these people by offering the FREE $100 just like I have "given" you! It's FREE money that doesn't cost you a dime to give away! RichMails' advertisers pay for it all. So what is RichMails? RichMails is a "paid to read email" company. They get paid by businesses to advertise their product or service online. What these businesses want is to be able to send out their ads spam-free, and to be guaranteed that their ads will be read. So RichMails offers incentives (like the $100 sign-up bonus, cash for referrals, and payment to read the emails) in order to get members. As members, we agree to receive a few emails daily, open and read them. We do NOT have to purchase anything. We do NOT have to send any money. It really is a three-way partnership that benefits everyone involved. That is where the money comes from that we offer to "give away" to referrals.


Now, on to the list of URL's:

1) Sign up HERE:http://www.RichMails.com/cgi-bin/signup.cgi?r=betterthanfree@yahoo.com






******************* A Word of Caution - IF YOU CHEAT, YOU LOSE! This program MUST cycle all 3 levels to work. If you change the order or put your name any place but in the #3 position, YOU will lose! Potential earnings is incredible! There's Nothing to Lose! What if you tried this just for the heck of it? You'll still make $100 regardless. If you put a little bit of effort into it, you will make hundreds. A little more effort, and you'll make thousands! After you receive your 5 emails, you are through with this referral letter if you want, or keep promoting it 'til your heart's content! But once you get your 5 emails, you can simply promote YOUR RichMail link on it's own. The choice is yours!


Another thing I would like to mention is RichMails only sends 2-4 emails daily for reading. So they don't even bombard your mailbox with tons of emails that you don't have time to read. I simply cannot find a thing wrong with this program!! Join now, and if you like, I will help you get your 5 direct referrals. Help is here for the asking. Then do the same for CashForEmails and get paid $40 for joining that!


Not too shabby! $140 for about 15 minutes work!